Why Trademark
Search is Essential?

Businesses that are still young or just starting out should do a lot of research on their trademarks. Before we move on to the next steps of officially registering your brand or intellectual property, we do a lot of research on your mark. Our thorough research lets you fix and make sure that no one else in the corporate market is using your business mark. By doing this, we help you save enough time and money in the real world. Since the USPTO filing fee is non-refundable, we are very strict about checking your trademark before you send it in.

Comprehensive Trademark Search Report

(Next business day)

*We'll start the process right away and send it to you the next business day for review and approval. This service is good for people who need to file their trademark faster than usual. We'll put your filing on the priority list, but that doesn't mean the U.S. Copyright Office will act on it or respond quickly.

Possible Concerns
When Registering a Logo
or Brand Name

When registering a logo or brand name, the owner's legal name and type of business should be included. If not, legal problems could come up in the future. Also, the trademark shouldn't be the same as or similar to a trademark that has already been registered or applied for. It also shouldn't be a generic term, phrase, or slogan that is often used, as this will likely lead to rejection. If you don't have written permission from a living person, you shouldn't use their name, signature, or picture in your trademark.


Lowest Priced Packages across the Industry with all the Necessary Features



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Comprehensive Trademark Searc The federal search reveals any similar registered or pending trademarks, logos, or phrases.
  • State Lookup The state search is identical for all fifty states.
  • Comprehensive online report Identifies any matches containing all the information required to plan your next move.



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Includes the information from the Federal and State Search, and also includes:
  • Corporate name search Company name research In all fifty states, we do a search for all corporate and other business entity names.
  • Corporate Directories Corporate Directories We do a search of corporate directories for individuals who may share your name.
  • Common law Rule of law Private Internet searches uncover instances of your name that may be protected by trademarks under common law.
  • Domain names Domain names We check the most popular top-level domains to see if your name is being used online.



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Global inquiry We do a search for pending and registered trademarks in the following international jurisdictions:
  • Domain names The European region
  • Domain names World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).