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Copyright registration is an excellent service for companies that want to fully protect their work. Our three-step application process makes it easy for you to copyright your work right now.

Reasons for Copyright Registration

You should be the only one who owns the rights to your ideas. Copyright protection can help you keep your work from being used in the wrong way or by people who shouldn't. Using a copyright registration certificate, you can get copyright registration for a book, song, photo, graphic design, or other literary or creative work.

When you register for copyright, you can sue people who steal your work for statutory damages and attorney's fees, in addition to actual losses and profits, which can be hard to prove.

File For Trademark has experts who can help you through the process of registering copyrights with the United States Copyright Office.

How do I sign up
for my copyright?

You must go to court to protect the valuable assets of your company. With Trademark For Brand, you can ensure protection against parties who commit violations of your creative works. Fill out and send in an application form to file for copyright. If you register for copyright with the USCO, you can sue anyone who makes use of your creative assets without your permission.

How Do We

Our experts on the Team have made it easy for our clients to make a smooth and easy user experience. Our three-step process for copyright registration is quick and easy!

Step 1:

Enter your information and choose a package.

Step 2:

Pay for the services you want.

Step 3:

Pay for the services you want.


Lowest Priced Packages across the Industry with all the Necessary Features



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Professional Preparationof your federal copyright application, including assessment for accuracy, completeness, and common errors by the copyright team.
  • center Federal E-Filing Electronic filing with the USPTO eliminates the need to wait for mail or deal with paper files.
  • center Certificate of Registration You will receive a centre Certificate of Registration directly from the U.S. Copyright Office.



+ USPTO filing fee
  • Includes the everything from the Basic Package PLUS:
  • Cease & Desist Letter Stop and Desist Letter If someone is infringing on your copyright, you have the ability to further design a customer-specific form. Avoid losing money and time.
  • Transfer/Assignment Personalized assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise transfer your copyright, you have access to a customizable, pre-populated form.
  • 24-hour Expedited Processing of your copyright application preparation. Standard processing time for our Basic package is five business days.